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What we do

MadLogic develops and implements game-based solutions for business and public sector. We help organizations reach their goals by engaging their people to solve problems, create insights and trigger a learning curve using gamification!

Our solutions include the knowhow and ongoing support to achieve sustainable results. Apart from license based solutions, we also provide full scope development services ranging from ideation and prototyping to implementation and beyond. Our preferred way of working is co-creation.

We have carved out a strong niche and customer base by offering digital solutions that are distinctively fit for purpose, fun to work with and compliant with leading security and privacy standards.

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Recent customers and co-creation partners:

What people say about us:

As a collaborative partner, MadLogic truly say what they do and do what they say. LetsGetWiser is a well balanced g(ame-based)-learning platform with a lot of fun on the frontend and a flexible backend.

Prof. Dr. H.M.B. van de Wiel (Head CLASS Wenckebach Institute - UMCG) & R. Kammenga MGM (Program manager ICT- UMCG)

3TGO makes a perfect x-ray picture of your company in 2 hours. Easy to play, fun to work with, new insights and incentives for teambuilding, different viewpoints in a click available.

Mr. Gijs de Vries (Director General of the Dutch Red Cross) about 3TGO

Our vision

Our vision finds its roots in Prof. Johan Huizinga’s “Homo Ludens”, in which he describes mankind as playful beings and play as the engine for cultural innovation. Our tribute to his work is included here.

We believe in play simply because it is the most natural, fun and rewarding way to explore new situations and learn. It is self-directed, intrinsically motivated, and imaginative. Play is guided by rules, but rules that leave room for creativity.

Our solutions

We offer license based as well as custom built solutions.
License-Based Solution


With LGW you get a unique game engine that enables your staff to produce e-learning games for the introduction of new software, technology, policies and domain knowledge.
License-Based Solution


With 3TGO you get a gamified advisory tool that enables managerial staff to hold playful conversations on strategic direction and organizational alignment.
Co-creation Project

Strategy Suite

Strategy suite offers managers an online platform with self-service tools and resources dedicated to strategic management.

Status: Work in progress together with Jester Strategy. IAG Project 2016-2017.


With 360DSM we offer a gamified methodology to psychologically screen children with behavioral and learning disorders, offering them a fun and rewarding self-assessment, while relieving practitioners from the burden of paperwork.

Status: Work in progress together with OCRN and Hanze University. IAG Project 2016/17.
Co-creation Project

Tommy`s Project

Sino-Dutch initiative that aims to develop solutions to socially empower children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Status: A Tommy’s Foundation initiative. Kick-off expected Q2 - 2016.

BCR Design App

The BCR Design App enables control room suppliers and their clients a playful and crystal clear way to discuss and define the project's operational requirements.

Status: Under validation at Brand Control Rooms BV.

Our services

To get the best out of your MadLogic solutions we offer consultancy, training and implementation services as well as technical support.
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  • Technical & Organizational.
  • Integration on the basis of LTI API.
  • Super-user instruction.
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  • Learning strategy.
  • Application management.
  • Workshops and lectures.
  • Conferences: SG in Healthcare
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  • Hosting on dedicated client servers.
  • OWASP10 security checks & balances.
  • Maintenance
  • Helpdesk

Our people & organization

Core Team
Picture of one of the partners and Learning specialist
Michael Hebben
Partner & Learning specialist
Picture of the Lead Solution Engineer
Harm Smeltekop
Lead Solution Engineer
Picture of the Product Manager
Freek Wiewel
Product Manager
Picture of the Solution Designer
Michael Verweij
Solution Designer
Picutre of the Business Developer
Pieter Looijenga
Business Developer
Picture of the reviewer
Jilles Hazeberg
Picture of one of the Solution Engineers
Henk Reitsma
Solution Engineer
Picture of one of the interns
Bregje van Ederen
Non-executive members
Picture of the Equity Partner
Roel van Kempen
Equity Partner
Picture of the Board Advisor
Jeanine van der Vlist
Board Advisor
Drawn image of the skyline where the company building is located.
Feel free to give us a call, send e-mail or visit our office if you like to find out more about us and the possibilities we offer. Our coffee is free and widely praised.

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Head Office

Oude Boteringestraat 21
9712 GC Groningen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)85 401 6807
KVK: 517.01.944

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