People learn best when the content is in bite-sized chunks. Transform your courses and learning content into bite-sized quizzes, practices, learnings and games. Engage your users with short intervals on their mobile devices, and see how your engagement and retention rise in no time. On average we create in one week approximately 20 videos and 20 games.


Companies often spend a lot of money on individual mobile experiments, without taking users into account and have a clear vision of the role of mobile technology in the organisation. This often results in sub-optimal solutions that are little engaging for the users and have little contribution to the objectives of the organisation. The result is being low adoption by users and a poor or moderate ROI. The Mobile Strategy Workshop helps drafting a mobile strategy to map, prioritize and measure a plan to success.


The benefits of building a MVP are as simple and fundamental as the product itself. Built properly, a MVP reduces cost while increasing efficiency, customer relationships, and product quality. Like the city of Rome, you won't be able to build a worldwide software product in a day.

An MVP is a smart way to:

  • Release your product to market in the shortest time.
  • Reduce implementation costs.
  • Test the demand for your product - before releasing a full-fledged product.
  • Avoid failures and large capital losses.
  • Gain valuable insight on what works and what doesn't work.
  • Work directly with your clients and analyze their behaviors and preferences.
  • Gather and enhance your user base.


It's fun, it's easy and it saves a ton of money. Become your own Mobile Video journalist with Madlogics MoJo workshop. In one day we will help you with:

  • Best practices for producing, filming, and editing video
  • How to develop a video story from start to finish
  • Master storyboarding techniques and story forms
  • Produce a portfolio of videos with practical projects
  • Develop in-depth interviewing techniques that deliver great results
  • How to edit a branded video on a mobile device for quick publishing
  • The basics of editing on iMovie (and other video apps)
  • How to deliver for a polished, professional look to your stories
  • The secrets to creating social video that resonates with a mobile audience!


Our consultants like to leave something behind of lasting value. This means not only enhancing clients's ability to deal with immediate issues but also helping them learn methods needed to cope with future challenges. The Madlogic Consultants facilitate learning, change and communication with strong client involvement in the entire process. Our consultancy is often based on the principles of playing or gaming. We believe in play simply because it is the most natural, fun and rewarding way to explore new situations and learn. It is self-directed, intrinsically motivated, and imaginative. Play is guided by rules, but rules that leave room for creativity.